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Land Link Membership

Happy Farmer


Are you seeking a young person interested in farming? Not sure how to find someone who has the managerial skills needed to help your operation? Let us do the work for you. We match landowners with young or beginning farmers and ranchers interested in farming or ranching. We match you based on your values, goals, and ideal operations.

Application Fee: $100

Young Female Farmer

Land Seeker

Are you looking for ways to get into farming and ranching? Did you grow up on the farm but there aren’t enough acres to support you full time? Or are you just the third brother trying to come back to the farm and there isn’t room? We can help you search for landowners in your area who are interested in transitioning their business to the next generation.

Application Fee: $100

Harvest Work

How It Works

  1. Click the "Get Started" button under the description and fill out the application thoroughly and accurately. 

  2. Read the follow-up email to schedule 30-minute initial consultation.

  3. Pay the application fee by clicking "Pay Online Here" below.

  4. The Office of Farm and Ranch Transition will contact you about which land seeker or landowner could be a match.

  5. The Office will set up and facilitate meetings with potential matches.

  6. Once a match is made, all parties involved will work together to development a plan and timeline to stay on track in the transition.

  7. The Office of Farm and Ranch Transition will continue to provide technical assistance.